15 December 2011

Karléidoscope, the new fragrance by Karl Lagerfeld

"Why Karléidoscope? to see the world multiplied and beautify life"

Does this word remind you something? maybe a game called kaleidoscope? If the answer is yes, you guessed it, infact the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfild, a lover of puns, has created a fragrance with the bottle inspired from this game, the name derives from the union of his name with the kaleidoscope "an object that I had when I was a kid, although I preferred to reading". The fragrance contains violets, spicy grains of angelica and neroli, heliotrope, freesia, patchouli and tonka bean.
You can find it exclusively by Sephora, beyond  the perfume there are, always limited edition, two trousse, two enamels, five eye shadows, a doll and a snowball that reproduce the figure of the designer.
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  1. These look so cool.

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