22 December 2011

Fashion Books

Christmas is coming and don't you know what give to a friend with the passion for fashion? Here's the perfect gift! The idea is to buy a good book on fashion, from the novel, the book-encyclopedia, the biography, illustrated through the story.
The prices vary but I assure you that will surely be a very welcome gift, and out of the ordinary.
Do not forget a dedication cute and maybe a bookmark particularly to make this gift even more special! Below all the coolest fashion books!

Tested and approved by Fashion Victeam:

Parisian Chic
A style guide to be chic like the Franch's icon Ines de la Fressage, written by Sophie Gachent, with 350 color illustration and a lot of advice to be a Parisian chic. Price: 25 €.

101 Things I Learned in Fashion School
Written by Alfredo Cabrera and Matthew Frederick is a compilation of the things that you learn frequenting a fashion school, all illustrated by nice pictures.Price: $15.

What to Wear, Where!
A guide to be always dressed glamorous to every type of event. From the creators of WHOWAHTWEAR.com, Hilary Kerr & Katherine Power.Price: $18,95.

Other popular fashion books:

Dior Couture
This book tells the story of the Dior's
maison through an authoritative eye as that of the photographer PatrickDemarchelier. Price: 100 .

Christian Louboutin
A monograph on the celebrated designer, full of images and pages pop up. Price: 120 .

Kate Moss Style
The life of supermodels through its many changes of clothes. Picking up her tales, written by Angela Buttolph. Price: € 21.18.

Gucci. The making of
For the fans of the brand, this book can be a real treasure. The official history of the maison, written to celebrate the 90 th anniversary. Price: $ 85.

100 Unforgettable Dresses
More than 200 pictures to tell the story of the 100 most beautiful dresses worn by ladies such as AudreyHepburn and stunning Grace Kelly. Preface by Alber Elbaz. Price: € 66.36.

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